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New ventures

In February I decided to set aside full time development to take an academic journey with some new ideas in software development. It's been a few months and I've consumed some amazing content. Learning is only half of the equation, now I'm thirsty for some feedback! I've decided to pursue two new ventures: value based consulting and developer coaching.

Value based consulting

I'm very interested in what happens when value is more central to the development process. In the past I've worked with very talented people to create highly valuable solutions. But the value was often dependent on the customer asking for the right features. At times we would build amazing support for a requested feature only to find lack luster usage. See my article on why I think this happens: Why objectives and value are important in software development.

I believe the conversation has to shift to diagnosing value first, then prescribing solutions. The first step I will make is to incorporate the ideas of value based pricing. To hold myself accountable to delivering value, not just software. That of course is easier said than done. It will require time to learn and re-engineer the processes I use as a developer. I'm very excited about the possibilities!

Developer coaching

In addition to my passion for innovating in software development, I have a desire to share what I do with others. I want to transform my experiences developing, speaking and training into coaching opportunities. Coaching encompasses a more objective approach to helping a team achieve results. It will be tailored to the goals of each development team and the software they are building.

To start this process I've partnered with JetBrains to offer my experience with several of their products, especially ReSharper. I look forward to partnering with other companies and offering coaching for a variety of topics.

Full City Tech Co.

I've started Full City Tech Co. to bring these ideas to life. Everyone knows I'm a coffee aficionado. Full City is a stage in the roasting process when the beans enter the medium to dark range, in my opinion when the coffee starts to taste good! Likewise, the practices I'm investing in are really rounding out my expertise as a consultant.

I'll keep posting more about my efforts here and on the Full City Tech Co. site. If you're interested in what I'm doing or know someone that might be, feel free to get in touch with me.

A Big Thank You

I want to thank everyone I've worked with at Phoenix Web Group, School District 145, friends and family who have helped me grow and supported me in everything I've done. I look forward to what I can learn and what I can share in return!