Chicago Node.js - Control Flow Techniques

I'm excited to share the recording of this talk from the 4/16 Chicago Node.js meetup.


Verbose asynchronous programming in javascript can be frustrating. This talk focuses on alternatives to the pyramid of doom. We'll look at await/defer CPS transforms with IcedCoffeeScript/TameJS and streamline, control flow libraries, backcalls and promises. We'll cover some evaluation criteria for the solutions to this problem, including how the new C# 5 await/async syntax fares. Hopefully this talk can help keep a few more hairs on your head as you explore the wonderful world of asynchronous javascript programming!



The video has guiding slides that match up to the code samples below:

pyramid of doom - javascript

pyramid of doom - coffeescript

async package - coffeescript

promises with Q package - coffeescript



streamline - coffee

streamline - javascript

backcalls - coffeescript (proposed)

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